“SOLID SOLUTIONS“– this philosophy is the essence of all our NECURON® products. It is a promise to our customers and simultaneously also reflects our dedication, motivation and identification. Our customers can be sure that the commitment of the whole NECUMER Team is behind every NECURON® product and customer order.
“SOLID SOLUTIONS” for us means making sure that our customers get for them the most economical and optimum product available in the area of board and block materials. Our work is based on four fundamental principles – constant quality, excellent service, unique flexibility and long-term partnership. Based on these principles we consequently pursue consistent improvement.

Unique Flexibility
Apart from the largest choice of standard board types and dimensions available on the market, NECUMER GmbH can also offer their customers exactly what they want in terms of colour, shape and formats as well as special physical values for specific applications within the framework of their product formulations. This flexibility is unique to the modeling board business and aimed to save customers purchasing power, machining time, waste disposal and improve performance in the specific application areas.

Long-Term Partnership
After more than 25 years of manufacturing and marketing the NECURON® brand the products are well known in the modeling and tooling departments of most multi-national companies in the automotive, aerospace, domestic appliance and other major industries. This could only be achieved through our loyal and long-term relationships with all of our customers and distributors worldwide. NECUMER GmbH has constantly invested and built on these partnerships under the motto “fair play” to become one of the world’s most successful producers of modeling and tooling materials.

Excellent Serviceservice
According to the yearly audit, NECUMER GmbH always scores close to 100% on service. This is maintained through friendly, courteous staff, competent sales partners and effective logistics. Our modern SAP software supports and controls the smooth running of all departments within the company allowing our staff to respond quickly and effectively to all inquiries.

Constant Qualityqualitaet
Our customers must have confidence that every NECURON® board is as good as the next when creating a work piece. More than a quarter of a century of manufacturing experience is inherent in NECURON® materials “Made in Germany”. NECUMER GmbH has also adopted a superior quality management which controls values and tolerances at every stage of their production process – from inspection of raw materials through to visual or ultra-sonic final control before shipment. Nothing is left to chance and our customers can relax in the knowledge that the next board from the pallet will give him the constant quality he deserves.