Epoxy based 2-component adhesive for NECURON®-modeling materials

Properties of the bond
epoxy based 2-component adhesive
unfilled & low-viscous
fast curing & highly reactive

quick and large-surface glueing of tooling boards

Colour: amber/colourless

Stir up the resin component thoroughly.
After having mixed resin and hardener intensively, apply the compound on the clean and fat-free surfaces by means of a short-haired brush.

Mixture-ratio A to B:
100 to 50 (by weight)

Curing time (1 mm):
approx. 5 hours at 20°C

Pot life (100 g, 20°C):
approx. 10 minutes

Mixed viscosity (at 20°C):
approx. 30.000 mPas

We recommend keeping the material in tightly closed original receptacles at temperatures of 15 - 25 °C. When duly stored, the material can be used within the shelf life indicated on the labels.

With the aid of the current safety data sheets, which contain physical, ecological, toxicological and other data relating to safety, the user can inform himself on the safe handling and storage of the products.

1.0 kg component A
0.5 kg component B