Epoxy based 2-component adhesive with temperature resistance of more than 140°C for NECURON®-modeling materials, especially for the production of vac forming and lay-up tools

Properties of the bond
• Highly Reactive Epoxy Resin
• Temperature resistance up to 140 °C

Colour: amber

The specified mixing ratio must be adhered to. Resin and hardener should be thoroughly mixed (by hand at least 3 minutes.). When powder or fiber type fillers are used, the resin and hardener should be mixed first and the fillers (dry and fat-free) mixed in afterwards. The pot life is 25 minutes at 20°C for a mixture of 1,000 g but is dependent on temperature.

Mixture-ratio A to B:
100 to 20 (by weight)

Curing time:
approx. 18 hours at 20°C

Pot life (100 g, 20°C):
approx. 30 minutes

Mix viscosity (at 20°C):
approx. 4.500 mPas

12 Months at 18 – 25°C in closed original packaging units.

1.2 kg units (1 kg component A and 0.2 kg component B) will glue approx. 5 boards

1.0 kg component A
0.2 kg component B